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When did we stop sparkling at noon? When did champagne toasts that tickled our noses cease to be an integral part of our day? I don't want to be bored anymore. And I sure as hell don't want to be boring.

​It's the greatest tragedy I can imagine, you know. To crave an extraordinary life, but settle for a soul-crushingly ordinary one. But at the same time, for some of us, quite unexpectantly, it can just be about getting through each day.

Hi. I'm Kimberlee. Welcome to Pop Rock Park (PRP).

Some people ride horses or play tennis. I have Pop Rock Park. Many moons ago, pre Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (yes, there was a time) - I started a blog called 'Brown Button'. A place to share things I found with friends. Interiors, clothing, tv shows, other blogs. I love retail ( I started working when I was 11) - so I realise now it was a natural progression when I set up an online homewares shop, 'Brown Button Trading'. Such crazy ignorant fun - mags like Instyle and Shop til you Drop would call to borrow product, I was sending glass candy jars to Saudi Arabia...all out of my little unit in Norwood, Adelaide. I was climbing over boxes to get to bed... it was SO FUN. Enter google ad words, sophisticated content platforms and Kmart. 

An accountant by profession and day job, a necklace worn by a colleague visiting from Sydney sowed the PRP seed. I hunted down a supplier and called the necklace the 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' after my favourite movie growing up as a kid. I ordered some earrings and other necklaces and held a little pop up shop at home for friends. Since then I've shopped suppliers like I would shop for myself. Without the ability to spend big on advertising or influencers, it's been the incredible generosity of my customers and those who I've sent product to and worn it that has got the word out about Pop Rock Park. 

PRP has provided an escape from the stress of the every day, and something to keep me occupied in the evenings when I struggle the most with my mental health. It's been over 20 years ago since I was diagnosed with major depression and studied for my final year law exams while in a psychiatric hospital - I  passed. With distinctions.... Mental illness is a bitch and I do my best. As so many are. PRP, as I said, has definitely been an outlet. It's also provided a platform to raise over $11,000 for the Letitia Linke Research Foundation, support the HAS Foundation and meet some incredible people.  Special shout out to Pippa, Karey, Georgie, Vanessa, Meagan, Elizabeth, Caroline, Anna, Bec, Lauren, Rosie, Petrea and Georgia for their contribution - whether you knew it or not, you've created, contributed to, and kept this little shoppe and lifeline alive.

THANK YOU for coming to Pop Rock Park. I really hope you love it here. 


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